Entrepreneurship Club

Advisor: Ms Soh Bee Kim
Teachers in-charge: Mrs Salvam Saratha Devi Ramasamy (OIC)
Ms Anna Low Li Leen (Assistant)
Committee Members:
President : Lee Jun Hui (3N1)
Vice-President 1 : Arinah Zawanah Bte Mohamad Johari (3E4)
Vice-President 2 : Xu Xinlong (3E3)
Secretary : Kerlyn See Yu Xuan (3E2)
Training / Meeting Days and Time: Mondays & Thursdays : 2.45pm - 4.30pm



Successful Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow.



To nurture in students the entrepreneurial spirit and necessary skills by seizing and experiencing first hand exciting opportunities in the business world.


CCA Objectives:

  • To foster an entrepreneurial spirit in our pupils.
  • To expose pupils to the different types of businesses through learning journeys,
    simulation games and work attachments/shadowing.
  • To provide a platform for the pupils to run and manage a business.
  • To participate in external competitions and forums on entrepreneurship.
  • To provide pupils with the basic skills and knowledge in running a business.
  • To nurture confident and responsible entrepreneurs in running their own businesses.



It provides a platform for pupils to run and manage a business. Pupils are trained in the different aspects of running a business. These include sourcing and negotiating with suppliers, keeping proper records, operational procedures, advertising and promotions.


Key Achievements:

2017 is an exciting year for The Entrepreneur Club as it is going through a major revamp with several initiatives being implemented. One key change is that the Zshoppe is moving away from the sale of snacks which is sold only at major school events such as Sports Day and Urban Challenge.

We are currently equipping our store with durable products such as handphone fans, handphone accessories, keychains, thumbdrives, camping accessories, stationery wallets, paintings, board games and other items. These products were selected after a market survey was conducted among committee members, staff and the student population.

To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in Zhenghuarians, the school television messaging platform is periodically employed to broadcast interesting stories about successful entrepreneurs in Singapore and other parts of the world.



Four of our Secondary Four students participated in the financial literacy competition on 15th February 2017. They competed in the game segment by designing a board game which teaches students basic investment concepts. The four participants did intensive online research on the theme of investment and created an original board game which could be played by two or four students at any one time. The four young entrepreneurs gained invaluable knowledge on investment in a fun and enriching way. Here are the names of the four participants:

Team Leader Yeow Jung Hian Ernest
Name of Participant: Ng Say Ping
Name of Participant: Ryan Koo Wei Feng
Name of Participant: Sean Chang Keng Weng


The Media Challenge was another competition that the Entrepreneur Club participated in 2017. Four of our Secondary three students competed in this challenge at the Republic Polytechnic from the 13th of March to 15th of March.  Our entrepreneurs presented their research to a panel of judges who complimented them on their choice of topic, helping the visually challenged, and the oral presentation of their findings. The four entrepreneurs who brought pride to our school are as follows:

Team Leader Nazri
Name of Participant: Jun Hui
Name of Participant: Arinah
Name of Participant: Jason



Upcoming programmes:

Our students will be going through a balloon sculpturing workshop in July which will teach them an important craft. Once they have mastered the craft, the entrepreneurs will impart this skill to interested students at a nominal fee of $3. We are also planning to sell these entrepreneur-crafted balloons  at school functions and in our Zshoppe.

As usual, our entrepreneurs will be competing in the Youth Business Challenge this year. The Entrepreneurs are  enthusiastically preparing themselves for this national challenge.



Jason and Jun Hui having a field day at the Media Challenge Competition.

Jason and Jun Hui having a field day at the Media Challenge Competition.

Plants on sale. Hurry, let's grab them!

Plants on sale. Hurry, let's grab them!

Playing our part in helping the visually challenged in our society.

Playing our part in helping the visually challenged in our society.