Information and Communication Technology

Department Information

ICT Department

Name of Head of Department
Mr Derek Lim
Names of Subject Heads
Mr Jonathan Ang
Names of Members of the Department
ICT (Champion) Science: Mdm Rosmawati
ICT (Mentor) Mother Tongue: Ms Yong Wai Teng
Ms Lee Yung-Wen
ICT Champion (EL): Mdm Emilia Mohamed Ali
ICT Champion (Math): Mr Ashar Ahmad
Mr Leslie Tan
ICT Champion (Humanities): Mr Edwin Tan
ICT (Craft & Tech): Mr Ng Seng Huat
Mr Koh Eng Huat
ICT Manager: Mr Rozaini
Technical Assistant: Mr Zuladha
Technical Assistant: Ms Mathanas
Technical Executive: Mdm Buthisigamani
Vision, Mission & Goals
Programmes Highlights / Enrichment Activities