Direct School Admission

DSA Application

Zhenghua Secondary School invites promising Primary 6 students with strong leadership qualities and/or outstanding contributions to their uniformed groups, CCAs or schools to participate in the school’s 2017 Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise for admission to the 2018 Secondary One intake.


School Background

Zhenghua Secondary School has established itself as a school of choice in the Bukit Panjang neighbourhood. The school, known for its positive and disciplined learning environment, develops its students through a broad range of holistic programmes anchored on character and leadership development. We envision every student in the school to be a Principled and Future-Ready Leader and provide ample opportunities for our students to develop their leadership competencies and take on leadership roles.


Learning for Life Programme - Sports and Outdoor Education for Character and Leadership Development

The PE Programme at Zhenghua goes beyond simply instilling a passion for sports and physical activity, but also inculcates students with the right habits and competencies to lead lifelong healthy lifestyles. Through the activities, our students are imbibed with values and qualities that will stand them in good stead for the challenges in the 21st century.

As one of the key platforms for the school’s Learning for Life Programme, the PE curriculum features several signature programmes. At lower secondary, students are given the opportunity to learn about sports in a wider context though the Sports Education Module. They are appointed the roles of managers, coaches and officials and assume responsibilities such as peer coaching and umpiring. Teams comprise members of different genders and ability to widen students’ scope for interaction and to allow them to enhance their interpersonal skills.

The school has invested in a comprehensive infrastructure for outdoor adventure activities. These include 2 rock walls, an intermediate and advanced challenging ropes course, and an abseil tower. These are used during the PE department’s Outdoor Education module and during leadership and orientation camps. The school’s new Indoor Sports Hall provides the school with additional venues for PE and sports activities.

At upper secondary, students get to plan and implement their own class expedition. Anchored on Place-Responsive pedagogy, students travel to and learn more about various places in Singapore. They are given leadership roles and actively participate in decision-making. Outdoor Education has since become a focal point for our students’ physical and mental resilience development.

The Uniformed Groups are another key area for developing the character and leadership qualities of our students. Many of our Uniformed Groups actively engage cadets in Outdoor Education and almost 40% of our students are in uniformed groups. For more information on our various uniformed groups, please refer to our school website.

As a testimony to our rigorous and engaging programmes, the school obtained the Sustained Achievement Award (Uniformed Groups) for 11 consecutive years and all our Uniformed Groups have attained Gold Awards in their respective competitions. Currently there are five Uniformed Groups in the school:

- Scouts
- Girl Guides
- National Cadet Corps - Air (NCC-Air)
- National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)
- Red Cross


DSA Admission Criteria
We are looking for promising Primary Six students who exhibit all or some of the following qualities to join the school:

- Possesses strong leadership qualities
- Holds a leadership position in a uniformed group, CCA or in the primary school (e.g. prefect, class monitor, Sports Leader)
- Excels in a sport
- Has obtained good academic results
- Of exemplary conduct


Application Procedures:
1. Students seeking entry have to complete the relevant application form (download the form HERE) or obtain a copy of the application form from the school.

2. Students currently not studying in MOE schools (i.e. non-mainstream school candidates and Returning Singaporeans) are required to obtain a Registration Number from MOE Customer Service Centre before approaching the school for the DSA Application Form.

3.International Students are to take part in the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) if they have not done so.

4. All completed Application Forms together with the relevant supporting documents must be submitted in person to the school at the address:

Zhenghua Secondary School
91 Senja Road
Singapore 677741
Attention: Administration Manager, Mdm Aminah Bte Saad

5. Application Forms via fax and electronic mail will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

6. The supporting documents required are:
- Primary 5 End-of-Year School Assessment Results and Primary 6 Mid-Year School Assessment Results
- CCA records, letter of commendations, and any document deemed relevant to the application e.g. Personal Statement

7. The Application Timeline for 2017 is as follows:

30 June 2017, 5.00pm

Closing date for submission of Application Form with supporting documents to the school

14 July 2017 Notification of short-listed candidates
17 Jul to 31 July 2017 School-based Interview for shortlisted applicants and trials, if necessary
31 August 2017 All applicants will receive a reply from the school on the outcome of their application informing them if:

(i) they have been given a Confirmed Offer (CO)
(ii) they are placed on the Waiting List (WL)
(iii) the school is unable to offer them a place

30 October 2017 Students studying in MOE schools, with a Confirmed Offer or on Waiting List, will be issued with School Preference Form (by respective primary schools). Those not studying in MOE schools are to collect their School Preference Forms from MOE Customer Service Centre.
30 October to 3 November 2017 School Preference Form to be submitted physically at respective primary schools or online via the DSA-Sec Internet System (DSA-Sec IS)
Late November 2017
(Tentative date)
Release of DSA-Sec Results together with PSLE results

8. Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

9. For enquiries and clarifications, please contact our Administration Manager, Mdm Aminah Bte Saad at 6763 9455.