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Congratulations on your posting to Zhenghua Secondary School! Here, we strive to develop every student into a Principled and Future-Ready Leader – leaders who are grounded in the values of respect, resilience, responsibility, integrity and compassion; leaders who are able to lead self and others well into the future.

Please read the following information on instructions for online registration, purchase of books and uniforms, and the reporting details for the first day of school.

    1. Online Registration by 12pm on 22/12/2022
    2. Information for Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) Application
    3. Appeal for transfer due to serious medical conditions
    4. Appeal for transfer to Zhenghua Secondary School
    5. Purchase of Uniform and Textbooks
    6. Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB) and Subject Based Banding (SBB)
    7. Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP)
    8. Parents Gateway (PG)
    9. First Day of School & Secondary 1 Orientation
    10. Class Posting
    11. Parent Support Group (PSG)
    12. Parent-Teacher Meeting (1st PTM)
    13. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For more information on the 2022 Secondary 1 Posting, please refer to this MOE webpage.

Do note that there may be changes to the information above. For the latest updates, please check the school website again after receiving your posting results as well as the Parents Gateway (PG) application. As many messages will be shared via PG, please ensure that the app’s notification alert is turned on. If you have any questions, do drop us a note at or you may call the General Office at 67639455.