National Cadet Corp (Air)

Advisor: Mr Ivan Tan Jiang Rui
Teachers in-charge: Mr Edwin Tan
Mr Andrew Kan
Training / Meeting Days and Time: Thursday, 2.30PM to 6.00PM



  • NCC Sports Championship – Soccer (Air District) – 3rd
  • Air Competition 2019:
    • Cpl Tan Zi Xuan (2E3) – 1st in the Balsa Wood Catapult Launched Glider category
    • 3SG Ng Ray Zin (3E2) – 2nd in the Quadcopter Drone Obstacle Course Race category
  • 3SG Tee Chin Shian (3E1) and 3SG Ng Ray Zin (3E2) took part in Exercise Puncak – Mt Ophir trek in June 2019
  • Unit Recognition Award for 2018 – Accomplishment
  • Best Unit Competition - Silver (2018)
  • Best Unit Competition - Gold (2016)
  • Aeromodelling Competition 2016 - Overall 3rd
  • Best Unit Competition - Silver (2015)
  • Best Unit Competition - Gold (2006 - 2014)



Advanced Drill Course
Battlefield Trail
Camp Forge for Junior Cadets
Camp Steel for Senior Cadets
Combined UG National Day Parade
Energy Conservation Course
Freestyle Drill Course
Gold Wings
Mobile Explorer
NCC Adventure & Leadership Camps
NCC Affirmation Ceremony for Junior Cadets
NCC Annual Kayaking Expedition
NCC Day Parade
Overseas Expeditions & International Cadet Exchange Programmes (ICEP)
Overseas Trips
Passing Out Parade for Senior Cadet Leaders
Physical Training Course
RSAF Flight Familiarisation Programmes
SAR 21 Rifle Shooting
SANA Course
Silver Wings
Total Defence Programmes (National Education)
Specialist & Senior Specialist Courses for Cadet Leaders
Water Ambassador Course
1-star Kayaking



2019 has been an exciting year for Zhenghua NCC (Air) Unit.

Two of our Cadet Leaders, 3SG Tee Chin Shian and 3SG Ng Ray Zin, had the opportunity to go for Exercise Puncak in June where they trekked Mount Ophir, the sixth most difficult mountain in Malaysia. They forged new friendships with fellow cadet leaders from other Air units and enjoyed the memorable experiences during the trek.

3SG Tee Chin Shian & 3SG Ng Ray Zin at a checkpoint on Mount Ophir
Our cadets also took part in the annual Air Competition and participated in the various categories such as the Spot Landing Computer Simulator, Balsa Wood Catapult Launched Glider and the new Quadcopter Drone Obstacle Course Race. Through the trainings and guidance from their seniors and teachers, our cadets performed well as two of them came in top 3 in their respective categories.  

Excited for the Air Competiton

CPL Tan Zi Xuan & CPL Ng Zheng Xi doing a test flight of their chuck gliders during the Air Competition

United as one after NCC Day parade