Cyber Wellness @ Zhenghua Secondary School

With the wide-spread use of mobile devices, social media platforms and the internet in this digital age, our students are constantly engaged in a myriad of online activities. As such, Zhenghua Secondary School is committed to educating our students on the importance of Cyber Wellness.


The school adopts MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework to educate our students to be responsible users. Through this framework, students would have the opportunities to analyse and reflect on Cyber Wellness issues. Four key Cyber Wellness themes – cyber identity, cyber use, cyber relationships and cyber citizenship – will be covered in the curriculum to ensure our students are given a holistic coverage of Cyber Wellness issues.

MOE Cyber Wellness Framework
MOE Cyber Wellness Framework


In line with one of the Cyber Wellness principles of getting students to be positive role models and advocates for positive online behavior, the school leverages our Peer Support Leaders to take on the role of Cyber Wellness Ambassadors. During the Cyber Wellness Week, they conduct lessons with their class to raise awareness about cyber wellness issues and to also encourage their peers to be a positive influence on their peers.


Here is a list of additional resources that parents and students may find useful:

1. MOE ICT Connection

A website by the Ministry of Education (MOE) that provides a list of guides, resources and useful links to help parents understand the latest cyber trends and how to teach their children to manage them

2. Media Literacy Council

The webpage of the Media Literacy Council (MLC) which spearheads public education on media literacy and cyber wellness in Singapore. It contains resources on cyber wellness topics that parents can raise and share with their children at home.

3. Media Literacy Council YouTube channel

The YouTube channel of the MLC. It contains interesting videos on cyber wellness issues and cyber trends.

4. Factually

A state-run webpage that clarifies falsehoods pertaining to issues and topics of public interest in Singapore