Learning for Life Programme

Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP)  is Outdoor Education for Character and Leadership Development. The LLP aims to provide students with varied outdoor experiences and equip them with the competencies and attitudes to enjoy the outdoors. During their time in the school, students have the opportunity to experience the following skills:


  • First Aid
  • Orienteering
  • Kayaking 1 Star Award
  • Planning and implementing class camp
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Pitching tents


Students had an enriching and fulfilling experience in the non-residential camp. They whipped out fresh meals for themselves and their teachers, bonded  over a plate of pasta and sweet fluffy pancakes. In addition, they had the opportunity to play sports such as archery. Led by their class leaders, the campers gamely attempted  the various challenges and activities during the camp.

Teaming up in starting a fire

Outdoor Water filtration

After a hike!