Live On Design Competition 2019


Last May, students from Art Club had participated in Live On Design Competition 2019, which aimed to promote awareness of organ transplant. Out of the 262 entries that were submitted nationwide, we are honoured to secure 4 awards in total. On 20th Jul 2019, the winning entries were revealed at the Prize Presentation Ceremony at Star Gallery, whereby Dr Lam Pin Min, who is the Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport & Ministry of Health, is the Guest of Honour. We are pleased to announce here that Jolie Ng Wei Zhen 4E1 and Phebe Ching 4E1 clinched High Distinction and Distinction awards respectively, while Chai Jean Shuen 4E3 and Lydia Aluko 3T1 won the Merit awards.

Explanation of Artworks

Jolie Ng Wei Zhen (High Distinction):



The girl in the art piece has passed away due to some unfortunate events. She died peacefully, knowing that her organs would be donated to other people who need it. As seen in the photographs surrounding her, her organs saved the lives of a few people. After recovering, these people went on to do the things they were not able to when they were hospitalised or sick. The boy in the photograph got a gold in a sports competition. The girl on the top left created art that inspired others. The girl on bottom right pursued her interest in Taekwondo. There were thankful to the girl who gave them a second chance in life, hence, the photographs have the words ‘thank you’ written on them, around her.

Ching Phebe (Distinction):



The picture shows a girl who had her life saved due to an organ donor and she is currently recovering. The action of donating an organ is like passing on the baton. The organ is “passed on to” another person so they can continue “running the race” until they reach the finishing line. The left hand is greyed to show that it has been weakened. The baton is portrayed as a battery, decreasing on the donor’s side but increasing on the recipient’s side to show that life is stronger on the recipient’s side now that have received the new organ. They are now able to run the race what the donor might not be able to.

Chai Jean Shuen (Merit):



The withered tree represents a dead person. After the person passes away, the organs of the person can be donated to eight different people. Even though all of them may know know who the donor is, but the donated organ that one receives is a very meaningful and precious gift to the individuals. This is the gift of life that they will always appreciate.

Lydia Aluko (Merit):


My artwork is about the value of donating oneself’s organ for transplant. Two livers take the shape of upper wings of the ‘butterfly’. The windpipe represents the antennae of the butterfly. The butterfly symbolises life and its dull half represents a moth, which is symbol of death. The black lace represents fragility.