Information and Communication Technology

Department Information


ICT & Data Management Committee

Name of Head of Department:
Mr Derek Lim
Names of Subject Head:
Mr Jonathan Ang
Names of Members of the Department:
ICT (Champion) Science: Mdm Rosmawati
ICT (Champion) Mother Tongue: Miss Yong Wai Teng
Miss Lee Yung-Wen
ICT Champion (EL): Mdm Emilia Mohamed Ali
ICT Champion (Math): Mr Boo Jia Liang
Mr Leslie Tan
ICT Champion (Humanities): Mr Edwin Tan
ICT Champion (Craft & Tech): Mr Koh Eng Huat
Ms Cynthia Loh
ICT Manager: Mr Rozaini Muhaimin Bin Rozlan
Technical Executive: Mdm Buthisigamani Sasirekha
Technical Assistant: Mr Mohamad Zuladha
Technical Assistant: Miss Mathana Suprumane
Vision, Mission & Goals
Programmes Highlights / Enrichment Activities