Normal Curriculum

Department Information


Normal Curriculum Committee

Name of Head of Department
Names of Subject Head
Mdm Ho Woan Shay
Names of Members of the Department
Mdm Angela Tan Cheng Cheng Mr Gay Wei Zhuang
Mr Pukalendran S/O Sindaya Miss Amerlyn Ong Wei Lin
Miss Tay Limin Mr Liew You Xun
Computer Applications (CPA)Teachers
Mdm Ho Woan Shay Mr Leslie Tan Chun Leng
Mdm Magdalene Tan Li Peng Miss Tan Mei Ying
Mr Pukalendran S/O Sindaya Mr Ang Lien Lee
Mdm Rosmawati Bte Alwi
Elements of Business Skills (EBS)Teachers
Mdm Angela Tan Cheng Cheng Miss Tan Hui Leng Rachel
Vision, Mission & Goals
Programmes Highlights / Enrichment Activities