Voices of Zhenghua

A Cycle

On Teachers' Day, I received a card that said, "Dear teacher,
though our Chemistry marks was not good, you still did not give
up on us. You had remedial lessons with us and we really appreciate
it. We will work hard for the ‘O’ levels and will not disappoint you."

I smiled to myself as I read the card. Despite the weekly frustrations
on the class' attendance rate, the message made me realise that there were in fact a number who really wanted to do well in their studies despite being academically weak.

I began to approach them more often to conduct intensive revision nearer to the exams. Somehow, more were beginning to respond to the revision sessions. On the very last day of our revision session held in school on a Sunday, a pupil commented, "Mdm Masrena, I will miss hearing you say "4EX, when will
you wake up"? As we laughed, I realized that my task for teaching the class would end that day. As a few stayed back to close the classroom windows and lock the door, I felt a sense of worth as a teacher. It was a peaceful closure to the rough start we had when we first met 2 years ago.

Fast forward a few months later and they got their results. Honestly I felt that they performed reasonably well except a few. These were the same few who did not turn up for classes regularly, and who did not turn up for the extra classes.

Come this new year, I was given two graduating classes with different characters and learning styles. I took it as a challenge for me to bring them through the journey in preparing for their "O" levels.

More importantly, I need to instill hope in them that success is possible if they put their hearts and minds into working towards it. My ex students have shown me that this is possible. It is my turn now to guide the present ones to it.  I see myself working closely again with my present students. It is another incoming cycle. As if reading my mind, a boy recently asked me this question "Mdm Masrena, when will you start to 'chiong' (to charge/ forge ahead) with us?"