Staff Professional Development Committee

Vision, Mission & Goals


Develop Aligned, Engaged and Competent Staff


Promoting shared ownership of the school's VMV by all staff to achieve the school's strategic goals

Widen teaching staff's repertoire of 21st century pedagogies and assessment tools in delivering a future-oriented curriculum with authentic and engaging learning experiences

Strengthen teaching staff competencies in developing students to be principled leaders

Develop non-teaching staff service excellence in providing customer-centric support

Promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement through collaboration

ST3 Framework


Starting from the centre

PD (Professional Development) Committee strive to develop students who are principled and future-ready, demonstrating school values of responsibility, respect, resilience, integrity and compassion.

Emerging from the centre

Leveraging the ZSS ST3 Vision of “Aligned, Competent and Engaged Staff”, we recognised the synergy and teamwork of all personnel in the school to bring about such outcome, cascading from School Leaders, to Teachers and to all Non-Teaching Staff. The multi-faceted roles of the teachers are also captured: the Leader in leading the Classroom, the Educator in nurturing the whole child and the Staff in ensuring other areas of the school operations running

The Triangle

By putting in place structures of “Rewards and Recognition”, “Staff Well-being” and “Positive Work Environment”, this will lead to staff to “SAY” good things about the school and strive to “STAY” in the school.

Staff PD – Singapore Teaching Practice (STP) Initiative 

The Singapore Curriculum Philosophy presents our teaching fraternity’s core beliefs about teaching and learning. These beliefs, which place every student at the heart of our educational decisions, guide the design and implementation of our curriculum.

  • We believe in holistic education.
  • We believe that every child wants to and can learn. We focus on children’s learning needs when designing learning experiences.
  • We believe that learning flourishes in caring and safe learning environments, when children construct knowledge actively, through the development of thinking skills and dispositions, and when assessment is used to address children’s learning gaps.

The Singapore Teaching Practice is a model that makes explicit how effective teaching and learning is achieved in Singapore schools. The STP is represented in the form of an orchid to reflect the Singapore context within which we practise our craft.

With MOE’s implementation of STP, our STs are regularly engaging our teachers in the sharing of various teaching areas of STP. Riding on the developmental model of peer observations of Area For Growth (AfG), the STs have been actively using STP Teaching areas to develop our teachers in their classroom practice professionally.


In channelling staff’s efforts to “STAY” and “STRIVE” for the school and developing “Aligned, Competent and Engaged Staff”, regular and periodic platforms of “Professional Learning & Development” and “Collaboration & Innovation” are put in place.

Underpinning the framework is the culture of care, reflective practice and continuous improvement culminating to staff “SAY” good things about the school and “STRIVE” for the school

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