Parenting Tips


School Family Education

Zhenghua Secondary School is a member of the School Family Education (SFE). The SFE is a It is a holistic family learning model – equipping parents with effective parenting skills and training them to be parent facilitators, helping school staff to enhance their family life, and providing students with life skills training. Many interesting programmes are held and parents are strongly encouraged to participate in them.


Meet-the-Parents Sessions

The school usually holds such sessions at the end of Term 2 (May) and Term 4 (October) with the release of the semestral results. Additional sessions are also held to brief parents on level programmes.


Phone Calls

The form teacher and subject teachers may call parents to discuss and provide updates on the child’s performance or behaviour. It is very important to keep the school updated of any change in the phone number(s).


School Website and Facebook Page

Please refer to the school website and Facebook page for announcements and the latest news from the school.


Participation in School Activities

Parents are warmly welcomed to to participate in the school’s activities like Sports Day and Secondary One Campfire. Such activities create an informal setting for parents to know the school and teachers better.




  • Ensure that your child revises his studies regularly
  • Ensure that your child completes his homework diligently
  • Provide a conducive study environment at home
  • Set a realistic target for each subject according to your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss your child’s career interests and goals.
  • Monitor your child’s academic performance (e.g. assignments, tests and common tests etc)
  • Work closely with his teachers to better understand his behaviour and performance in school
  • Encourage your child to read widely and share his ideas and opinions
  • Monitor your child’s TV viewing, gaming, Internet surfing and social networking
  • Encourage your child to be responsible and work independently



  • Encourage him participate actively in his CCA and to pursue healthy hobbies
  • Get to know his friends
  • Take an interest in his likes and dislikes
  • Give constant emotional support and encouragement
  • Maintain constant communication with your child